MEPZ Special Economic Zone

List of Parliament Questions Received from Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce and information provided for furnishing reply – Reg.

Dy. No. Parliament Question Regarding Information Furnished
6201 Salient Features of SEZ Policy Click Here
6520 List of Notified SEZs Click Here
Click Here
104 Land Vacancy details of SEZs Click Here
Click Here
1256 Central Government Departments and PSUs have Constituted Internal Complaints Committees to prevent Sexual Harassment Click Here
219 Recovery of land allocated to SEZs Click Here
193 Vacancies under reservations in Govt. Organisations Click Here
2506 Whether Union Govt. Has any proposal to set up SEZs in Tamil Nadu Click Here
5536 Whether Govt. has taken any steps to acquire back the land that had been allotted as SEZs but is not being utilised for the said purposes Click Here
1390 Export target and Achievement made during last five years Click Here
349(S5013) Abolition of Posts Click Here
S3297 No.of Working Women Hostels built in SEZs over the last five years Click Here
5034 Whether DDCs of SEZs & Central Excise Officers monitor the functioning of export companies which get benefitted promotions schemes on half yearly basis Click Here
4851 Whether the Govt has ascertained the no. of Rural and Agro Industries being benefitted from SEZs including Andhra Pradesh. Click Here
3806 Whether the Govt. Has identified such companies Misusing the Export promotion schemes Click Here
1456 Whether the Govt.proposes to set up the SEZs in backward district, Perambalur District of Tamil Nadu. Click Here
U1595 Details of Expenditure on Lawyer’s Fees Click Here
2791 & 1401 Whether the Govt. Has identified such companies Misusing the Export promotion schemes Click Here
1227 Input i.r.o MEPZ SEZ to Assurance in Rajya Sabha Unstarred Question Click Here
RS-4112021-CC Input to Department related Parliamentary Standing Committee question Click Here
U1769 Rajya Sabha Question DY No. U1769 to be answered on 12.02.2021 Click Here
1235 Reply Letter to Rajya Sabha Unstarred Question No. 1235 for 27.07.2018 Click Here
3979 Reply to Lok Sabha D.No.3979 Click Here
41 Reply to Rajya Sabha Starred Question No.41. Click Here