Zonal Development Commissioner

Development Commissioner, MEPZ is designated as Zonal Development Commissioner. He has territorial jurisdiction over SEZs set up in Tamil Nadu , Pondicherry & Karaikal districts of Puducherry UT, A&N Islands

Role of Office of the Development Commissioner

  1. Promoting and rendering assistance to the Developer setting up Special Economic Zones.
  2. Facilitating Setting up of Industrial units within the Special Economic Zones under his jurisdiction.
  3. Convening of Unit Approval Committee (UAC) meetings.
  4. Grant of Letters of Approval to the new SEZ unit and Extension of Letters of Approval to SEZ and EOUs and issue of other permissions in pursuance of the decision taken by the UAC.
  5. Forwarding of proposals which could not be considered or beyond the purview of the UAC to the Board of Approval for consideration.
  6. Execution of Bond cum Legal Undertaking (BLUT) with SEZ Units.
  7. Execution of Lease Deed in respect of SEZ Units working within MEPZ-SEZ.
  8. Collection and accounting of the rental and other revenue from the Units working within MEPZ SEZ.
  9. Maintenance of the MEPZ-Zone including minor works / Capital works through sub-contractors.
  10. Issue of Importer Export Code to both SEZ / EOU Units.
  11. Issue of GSP Certificate (Certificate of Origin) to both SEZ / EOU Units.
  12. Sanction / issue of scripts under Merchandise Export Incentive Scheme and Service Exports from India Scheme.
  13. Grant of Duty Draw Back and DEPB and Reimbursement of Terminal Duty (ROD) to SEZ Developers.
  14. Reimbursement of Central Sales Tax, Terminal Excise Duty (TED) paid by EOUs .